About Thamani Gems

Our Story...

Thamani works with artisanal and small scale miners to address the inequity of value within the gemstone industry in Kenya through access to fair value markets and mineral knowledge. We are working to solve issues that have not been adequately addressed within the gemstone industry’s mine to market circle: Knowledge/Education, Value Addition, Fair-trade distribution and markets and Financial Capital.

Thamani was founded in 2011 (formally registered in 2012), with the strong ethical belief that the vast mineral wealth of semi- precious and precious stones in Kenya was hugely under tapped. The small artisanal miners who are the main source of the gemstone production industry see only a fraction of the revenue that’s generated from brokerage sale of stones to foreign buyers for export. The local market is barely aware of the beautiful gems available in the country.

We at Thamani want to change that in our own small little way.

We work in conjunction with the small scale miners particularly from the Taita Taveta area. We encourage ethical fair trade mining and our sourcing process ensures that we can identify the mines for each individual stone that we sell.
Thamani deals with rough (raw form) gemstones but also goes a step further in the value addition process and sells faceted gemstones that have been cut by Kenyan talent.
We aim to work with high-end african Jewellers to build the East African coloured gemstone market.

Our mission is to supply beautiful East African gemstones from mine to market ….. to YOU ….

Our Philosophy

People First / 100%
Quality / 100%
Transparency / 100%

Our vision is to be one of the key agents in creating a sustainable and environmentally conscious mining industry that provides key solutions to eradicating poverty and creating mineral blessings for the next generations.